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el toro ip targeting
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The Big Picture

Imagine wanting to target dog owners for your company. With Venue Replay, you can grab the Device ID’s present at:

  • Dog Parks
  • Pet stores
  • Animal Hospitals
venue replay idea
venue replay concert

Imagine being able to bucket and target the devices present at a specific stadium after a concert or for sports marketing

With Venue Replay, this is possible.

Imagine wanting to bucket and target the devices that were present inside your competitions building…

venue replay ideas

With Venue Replay, all of this is possible!


Venue Replay is a technology that allows us to track those who have been to a specific location, store, or event and trace them back to their home. With this knowledge, we are able to send highly accurate digital advertisements. This audience has already proved they have an interest in your ad by being at the location of your choice, and therefore have a better chance of a conversion. By screening the places that your customers frequent, we can be sure that the advertisements people see are for products they are interested in. Oh, and did we mention that locations can be screened up to six months after an event takes place?


Venue Replay works by using our brand new geo-framing technology. When an Ad Impression is served (a digital banner or video ad loads on-screen), there are three pieces of data El Toro analyzes: the who, where, and when. We analyze the who by UDID (unique device ID), the where by geographical coordinate (latitude & longitude) of where the impression displayed, and the when by a timestamp of when the impression loaded on the screen.

Venue Replay process

All of this information is taken in, stored, and bucketed for 1:1 cookieless targeting. Venue Replay then attributes a likely home address of those devices seen at the chosen event. From there, we are able to target that home network with digital banner ads using El Toro’s prime technology, IP Targeting. Venue Replay pairs perfectly with almost every type of orderline, including account based marketing campaigns.

Event Targeting That Works

Learn more about Venue Replay by watching this informational video!

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